2022 Holiday Party

The combined GAW AWG holiday party was held on December 5th at the Brimstone restaurant. It was a rainy, miserable night, but members and spouses braved the elements to get together. Many noted how good it was to get the group together again. 

As is our usual custom, we again had a gift exchange. Everyone had a great time showing off their new gifts and seeing what others received. 

Thank you all for coming!!! If you missed it, mark your calendars for next December and we’ll see you then!! 

CBN vs Diamonds: Which is better?

Stumpy Nubs Youtube Channel

A fascinating look at the differences between the two superabrasives- diamonds and CBN Stumpy Nubs Youtube Channel

2021 Holiday Party

After skipping 2020 (and wouldn’t we all like to do just that!), GAW held its annual holiday party on December 8th at the Brimstone Restaurant and Tavern in Alpharetta with 18 members attending. It wasn’t a pizza party as it has been in the past and there weren’t homemade deserts. I, for one, REALLY missed Bob Lough’s toffee bars this year!!!! Nonetheless, it was great to share an evening, good food, and maybe an adult beverage with other members we hadn’t seen in what seems to be a VERY long time.

The traditional “Brown Bag Gift Exchange” was held and pictures can be found below. Michael Gibson appears twice because he received two gifts in his bag. This was due to an unfortunate accident in Kim’s shop. After the mishap, what was to be an ornament became puzzle pieces. So, Michael got a pizza cutter with a turned handle instead.

If you were unable to attend, we had a great time, but we missed you.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a joyous and prosperous new year to all of our members, near and far!

Chain Saw Cutting Bench

I had been thinking about building a chain saw bench for some time, and last October, when I watched the AAW video featuring David Ellsworth, he discussed the one he uses. I thought it looked like a useful design and I decided to create my verison of it.

His design appeared to be made primarily of 2×4’s, but also used a few wider boards. I didn’t want to be left with large board scraps as I have plenty of those already, so I decided to modify his design slightly to use all 2×4’s. He gave no dimensions during the video, so I made estimates based on the apparent size from the video. I tried to get the most out of 8 foot 2×4’s so mine ended up about 48″ long, 32″ high and 18″ wide. I used deck screws to assemble it so that I could easily modify it if needed.

The “legs” are 30″ long and attached as shown in the diagrams. The middle set of legs are not needed for support, however, they are the attachment points for the cross-pieces supporting the “V” boards so they are important.

The “V” supports are set at about 25 degrees, but whatever angle looks best to you is fine. I positioned the boards in the “V” about an inch apart with a gap in the middle of about an inch. The gap dimensions aren’t critical so long as they aren’t too large. They are there mainly to allow shavings and sawdust to escape. The boards also extend past the end of the base 3″ to allow some clearance to work. The screws fastening the “V” boards to the cross-pieces are driven in from the bottom to minimize the chance of screws being hit with the chain saw chain.

I have been using this bench for over a couple of months now and I am quite happy with it. As with almost any first attempt at a project, there are a few things I would do differently. I would:

1. make the height a couple of inches less. It’s OK, but it’s a little uncomfortable cutting larger logs;
2. make the length a few inches less. A foot less would make it lighter and easier to store without compromising anything;
3. move the “feet” to the end of the base rectangle and replace them with something like a short piece of 2×4 at each corner so they were more truly feet. This would further reduce problems with uneven ground or cutoffs, etc.

Total cost of the project: A little under $50. Maybe a little more if you have to purchase deck screws.

In case anyone is wondering, it took me forever to find boards with the knots all in the same pattern!