Symposium Demonstration Descriptions

Nick Agar

Viking Bowl

Viking sunset bowls have become a signature class and demo. This prize-winning design was conceived on the wood turning cruise in Norway and has now become a firm favorite for my classes and demos around the world. Come and see a plain piece of wood get shaped into an object that looks like metal/pewter with a turned boss and a sunset color on the inside adding amazing detail with simple punches and knurling/texture tools.

Participants will learn turning tips, coloring/air brush use and a myriad of texture effects.

Exploring Ceramic affects on the wooden surface

Using texture, mouth atomizers, airbrushing and colored waxes we will explore the many opportunities out there to enhance your work.

Students will learn turning tips, paint info /Air brushing, texturing and ceramic surface enhancement.

Airbrushed designs and example of how to make your own stencils

In this demo I will show how an airbrush can have a huge impact on work, simple designs are often the best .I will show you how to make your own stencils and apply your ideas to the piece. Airbrush tips, turning tips, inspiration and finishing will be covered. There are many shapes around us that make great templates…..come and see how I use some of them. Participants will get info on some fresh ideas for decoration.

Graeme Priddle & Melissa Engler

Creative and Textural Wood Burning/Branding

This demonstration will cover all you ever wanted to know about texturing and ‘branding’ with a woodburner.
We will cover the importance of wood selection, different types of burners and accessories available and their uses. How to make your own tips and brands and the incredible variety of ways they can be used to apply textures and patterns to surfaces and forms. We will also demonstrate paint and gilding effects that can be used to enhance them.

Surface, surface!

Presents a myriad of surface treatments and embellishment possibilities.

Covers design and influences, personalizing your work.

Tool selection, sharpening and safety. Wood selection. Rotary/hand carving and texturing techniques. Woodburning. Colouring and finishing techniques.

Ammonite Bowl

This demonstration will cover design and influences, how to personalize your turnings. Wood selection, preparation and drying. Basic bowl turning techniques, tool selection, sharpening and safety.

Low relief carving and surface embellishment with rotary carving tools and wood burners. Acrylic and milk paint application.

Mark Palma

Turning the Unexpected– Is that Plywood?

In this session Mark will walk through the process steps necessary to take plywood scraps and turn them into a turned object. This session will discuss plywood selection, gluing, “grain orientation”, special safety considerations with plywood turning, cutting strategies, filling voids, sanding, design and finishing your project.

Carbide Insert Tools—How to get more out of them and better results.

Carbide insert tools seem so straightforward, but maybe, just maybe, there is more that can be gotten out of the tool than meets the eye. Mark will talk about everything from the design and geometry of various carbide tools, various styles of tools and their advantages and disadvantages, body ergonomics and better cutting positions, and tool maintenance. Even if you have used these tools for years, you will pick up a few new tips to use on Monday in your own shop!

Finishing for Mortals – How to get better finishing results in your own shop.

Do you have finish envy???? Do you see other turners work and love their finish and yours has the texture of 80 grit paper? What finish will work for me? You can achieve better finishes in your own shop with a few simple tips, tricks and strategies, Mark will unravel the confusion of finishes and talk about finishing in simple non-technical terms. Mark promises if the audience behaves, they will not have to sit in their chairs for 4 hours and watch polyurethane dry (what Mark calls a “Woodturner’s Time-Out”)!

Peggy Schmid

Square platter with a natural edge

In this demo I will turn a platter with a natural edge on two sides. We will discuss the elements of design and of keeping the form simple yet elegant. I will show how the cut ends can be enhanced to add to the overall esthetic while showing my methods of retaining the bark edge. I will apply a CA finish and show how it can be layered or how other finishes can be added. I will also show how to remove the tenon with a simple jig that can be modified to use on a bowl.

Hollow form with a natural insert that incorporates a element such as a shell

In this demo I will turn a small hollow form and will make a threaded insert and finial.  We will go over all the processes of turning the hollow form and will also see how an insert is threaded and attached. I will demonstrate the insert and finial threading on the Baxter Threading jig.   As an addition, I will use an element such as a shell as part of the finial and show how this can be attached to enhance the final form.

Frank Bowers

Log to a Bowl – Change as of 9/9/2018

I will take you through the process of cutting a bowl blank from a wet log than turning the blank leaving it about 1″ thick leaving it to dry. I will also bring a bowl that’s already dry I will turn bowl to conclusion to show you what happens after the bowl has dried.. Time permitting we will go through the Beall Buffing System and other finishing methods.

Two Part Vessel (Poor man’s hollow form)

I will shape the outside of the hollow form with a bowl gouge. After shaping the out side of the form, I will cut the form in half, using a bowl gouge rather then a deep hollowing tool to remove and finish the inside.The next step I will use a mortise and tendon joint to glue the two parts together. After gluing I use three will finish with three beats to hide the glue joint.

Mike Peace

Add Pizzaz with Texturing Tools

Embellish your turning projects using a variety of texturing tools, such as the Sorby or Crown Spiraling and Texturing tools, a knurling texturing tool, Dremel burr tool, and a chatter tool. Mike will demonstrate what texturing effects different tools can offer. It is amazing how easy it is to take a turned piece from a rather plain wood like Bradford Pear and turn it into something even more special in just moments. And it is fun seeing what you can do with these tools. Learn how easy it is to make your own chatter tool.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Mike demonstrates how to turn a small Christmas tree suitable as a Christmas tree ornament or a bit larger to stand on a table. He demonstrates making four different styles.

On-line registration is now closed, but you can register when you arrive! Registration opens at 10:00 am on Friday and 7:45 on Saturday.